Affordable Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore.


SEO services help your business to grow up as far as possible. Our SEO specialists security you with very effective optimization techniques and strategies. You will get the most extreme estimation of each dollar you spend on your promoting effort.

Accordingly, Bangalore web guru offers a collection of digital marketing services including a marketing plan, SEO, Web design, and branding. Moreover, we can help our clients of all sizes from Startups, Individuals, Non-Profits to Marketing

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7 Ways to Optimize Your WordPress Website.

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WordPress is considered an excellent platform for beginning entrepreneurs to create websites for their startup or small business. you might be in search of a platform that can help you in expanding your visibility to a large pool of customers. When it comes to brand visibility, words can leave an addicted impression and this is why most of the businesses have a strong presence on the Wordpress website. It is a content management website that has become a connected part of the marketing campaign

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Affordable E-commerce website development company.

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Bangalore Web Guru is an E-Commerce Web Design Agency that can showcase your idea and get your products selling in on time. we know how to make an impact on your website. And Our team works together with each of our clients, to understand their requirements and needs.

Our E-Commerce Services :

  • Ecommerce-web-design Services
  • Ecommerce-theme-customization Services
  • B2b-b2c-ecommerce-solutions Services
  • E-commerce-shopping-cart. Services
  • E-commerce-website-maintenance Services
  • Ecommerce-module-development

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How to Use Google Analytics?


 Google Analytics offers a simple and free approach to follow and break down guests on your site. You could have thousands or even a huge number of guests consistently, however, those guests are essentially good for nothing if you know nothing about them. With its strong web examination and announcing instruments, Google Analytics can assist you with making the most out of guests and possibly transform them into clients.

In addition to tracking the number of visitors, Google Analytics gives key

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Real Estate Website Development Company in India.

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Bangalore Web Guru is one of the best real estate website development company in Bangalore and we have professional real estate web designers and offer exclusive personalized web design and development of business generating websites for brokers, agents, property developers, and Real Estate Companies Bangalore, India.,Online real estate portals are the fastest growing industry on the internet in India these days. The advanced technology that enables visitors to find the perfect properties for

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Social Media Trends to Watch in 2020

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Internet-based life has become a fundamental piece of individuals' lives and day by day schedules. Some are dependent on it so much that the principal thing they do in the wake of awakening is to check their online life bolsters.

Given the significance of online life in shoppers' lives, advertisers and organizations rush to social stages in the expectation of associating with their objective clients. In any case, there is a substance over-burden via web-based networking media and the challenge

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SEO-Search engine optimization

  • SEO stands for search engine optimization.
  • It is used to getting traffic from the free, organic/natural traffic or visitors from the search engine result pages.
  • The aim of SEO is to attract relevant visitors to your website that are interested in your products or services.

SEM-Search Engine Marketing

  • SEM stands for search engine marketing
  • It’s process of gaining website traffic by purchasing ads on search engines.
  • SEM often refers to PPC or pay-per-click advertising

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Magento Website Development Company In Bangalore


Bangalore Web Guru providing Magento Multi-channel solutions since the beginning; develop our design,development and support services along the way to secure, we deliver our guarantee and meet your needs. Magento is the open source ecommerce software, used to design and develop responsive, scalable and high performance websites. Magento is scalable and flexible enabling to suit and size or business model.Built in clean URLs, tags, meta data and mobile friendly - all elements to help search

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E-commerce Website Development Services in Bangalore


E-commerce web development has turned out to be a fundamental and its not just used for driving

extensive amount of traffic. We are one of the pioneered companies offering effective e-commerce solutions.Bangalore Web Guru have gathered the experience to work on all online business requirements.with a team of creative and experienced professionals, Aim to create a highly impressive e-commerce website with unique requirements of your business,we check every aspect of your business needs and

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Joomla Website Design & Development Company Bangalore

Joomla Development takes care of extensibility, usability and internationalization.It is Use for developing the Ecommerce website.Joomla is a feature-rich content management and portal engine tool. All Joomla related Projects are handled by team of expert joomla developers, offering Joomla development services like: Joomla Custom Design Templates, Joomla Custom Components Development, Joomla Template Customization, Joomla Module Installation, Joomla Custom Modules Development, Joomla Design

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